Bring Out Your Best Smile with Dental Bridges

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The most important thing you can do for your smile is to take care of your teeth. If you should ever suffer a missing tooth or are scheduled for a tooth extraction, it is important to begin thinking about your tooth replacement options. One highly effective option is known as a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are designed to be anchored permanently into your mouth by attaching to the adjacent healthy teeth or implants. There are several types of dental bridges that exist, including conventional dental bridges, resin bonded bridges, and cantilever bridges. Depending on your oral health care needs and desires, talk with your dentist to determine if a dental bridge is right for you.

Dental bridges can not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they also can restore important functions such as chewing and speaking. It can also restore bite stability that is often lost or impaired due to missing teeth. Further benefits of dental bridges include improving your oral health and limiting the risk of tooth slippage. Unlike dentures, dental bridges have zero food restrictions.

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