Crown Lengthening

If you dislike the appearance of your gummy smile or have an uneven gum line, then come to Clearpoint Dentistry for a crown lengthening procedure. Crown Lengthening is a treatment that Dr. Lupy Gonzalez uses for restorative care or to improve the cosmetic look of your smile. During this procedure, gum tissue is gently removed to expose more of the healthy tooth.

When crown lengthening is used for restorative care treatment, the gum is reshaped for a tooth that is to be fitted with a crown. Our dentist will fully inform you of the existing conditions and explain any necessary procedures that may be needed for the fitting and placement of a crown. We may also perform this procedure if excess gum tissue is making you more vulnerable to conditions like periodontal disease.

Crown lengthening also has an impressive cosmetic effect on certain smiles. If you feel like your teeth appear too small or you feel self-conscious about how much your gums show when you smile, crown lengthening treatments can be used to improve the look of your smile. Get the smile you deserve! Call our office today at 281-487-2400 to schedule an appointment to determine how crown lengthening in Houston, Texas, can give you a more confident smile.