For patients who develop cavities in their teeth that are too large for a filling and too small for a crown, Dr. Lupy D. Gonzalez provides dental inlays and onlays. Our dentist uses these restorations because they can do a better job at protecting your teeth and restoring structure because they are designed to fill the specific shape of a decayed area. Call our team at Clearpoint Dentistry if you think that you need to receive a dental inlay or onlay in Houston, Texas.

Inlays and onlays, or partial crowns, are used when a full crown is not needed to restore the damage or decay that has affected the tooth. This treatment is for cases in which a tooth has decay, but the decay has not destroyed all of the healthy enamel of the tooth. The inlay or onlay acts as the missing part of the tooth and is fitted and placed to complete the naturally-grown tooth.

Typically, inlays are used when minimal damage or decay has incurred, and onlays are required when the damage or decay becomes more significant. The same material is used in both cases and fills the damaged or decayed area to make it appear like natural teeth. This way, your tooth will look and feel like no damage or decay ever existed.