Flossing Need-to-Knows

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Do you struggle with using floss properly? If so, we can help you by explaining the method of flossing so you can clean your teeth effectively.

One of the most important things is to floss daily. You do not necessarily have to floss before bedtime. Any time that works for you can be that time.

Typically, you should use about 18 inches of floss. You can secure the string by wrapping about ⅓ of an inch of it around each index finger and by pinching those ends with your thumbs.

Set the string between your teeth and pull it against one tooth, so it looks like it about to hug your tooth. Slide the string up and down, rubbing it against that tooth.

Another important step is to slide the floss through the small gap between your gums and the side of your tooth. This does mean putting the floss past the gum line a little bit, but this should not cause discomfort as you slide it gently. Anything stuck in that gap can be removed this way.

After that, move on to the other tooth, repeat, and then move on to the rest of your mouth. Remember to use a different area of the floss as you go, otherwise, you may put what you are cleaned out in other areas.

The next thing to remember is to throw away the floss. You do not want to reuse dental floss for much the same reason as we mentioned above.

If you need a little extra help despite following these flossing guidelines, you can come to Clearpoint Dentistry in Houston, Texas, for your dental needs. You can see our dentist, Dr. Lupy Gonzalez. To call our office, dial 281-487-2400.