Life Choices to Create Superb Smiles

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Your oral health care often depends on making essential choices to keep your smile safe. This includes assessing all aspects of your life and implementing any changes to keep your teeth and gums in optimum condition. Even a single oral accident or injury can destroy your smile in seconds. Rather than putting forth decades of hard work only to see it all erased, we recommend that you evaluate all aspects of your life and make any necessary changes to keep your smile safe.

When caring for your smile, make sure you’re using products that our dentist recommends. Many oral health care products come with the ADA Seal Seal of Acceptance, which indicates that the given product has reached the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. If you have any questions about whether a dental product is safe to use, you can always speak with our dentist.

Be mindful that mouth jewelry can easily damage your smile and compromise your oral health. This is because studs or rings used for lip or tongue piercings are often hard and can chip or crack your teeth. They can also break off and become choking hazards. Furthermore, lip and tongue rings can lead to nerve damage, infections and severe gum tissue lacerations. If possible, avoid mouth jewelry to protect your oral health.

You can also suffer oral health trauma from contact sports. To greatly lower your chance of suffering from an oral injury, always make sure you are wearing the necessary safety equipment. Depending on your sport, your safety equipment could include a mouth guard, face mask or other appropriate forms of headgear.

By improving some of your lifestyle choices, you can discover a better smile and enhanced oral health. When you visit Clearpoint Dentistry, our team can give you the treatment and tips you need to help enhance your smile. We invite you to set up your appointment with Dr. Lupy D. Gonzalez by contacting our dental office in Houston, Texas, at 281-487-2400.