Saving Your Smile: Composite Dental Fillings

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If you require a highly effective dental filling to treat your smile and prevent further dental damage from arising, it is important to be aware of your options. Furthermore, if you are looking for a tooth-colored restoration, a composite filling is the best choice. Composite fillings are highly effective and durable and can make you smile much safer from the risks of dental erosion and cavities. Some of the benefits of composite fillings can be seen below:

– Composite fillings are mercury-free. Furthermore, they are often better sealants of the margins than dental amalgams and are more preventative to tooth fractures.
– With traditional dental fillings, you will need to remove the original when it needs to be replaced. However, with composite fillings, they can be repaired many times over without having to remove the original.
– Composite fillings are useful for cavities that are too small for other filling treatments.
– A single composite filling can last between 7 to 10 years before it may need to be repaired or replaced.
– Composite fillings are also called tooth-colored fillings because they can blend in seamlessly

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