Should You Bring an Emergency Dental Kit on Your Travels?

At Clearpoint Dentistry located in Houston, Texas, we see many of our patients traveling during the summer months, whether to visit extended family, explore our great state by road trip, or getting on a plane to check off destinations from a bucket list. To make the most of your travel experience, it is a good idea to… Read more »

A Loose Bridge Requires Immediate Care

Dental brides are precise pieces of tooth-supporting construction. They’re designed to help replace a lost tooth, and bridges are just as functional and durable as your real teeth. However, as with any dental procedure, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Certain instances can cause your bridge to become loose, and if that happens to you,… Read more »

Facts About an Abscessed Tooth

Just like any other part other of our body, we can injure the inside of our mouth. If this happens, bacteria can potentially enter and cause an infection—which can lead to a painful swelling filled with pus. If the pus can’t escape the area will become even more swollen and painful. This is known as… Read more »

Can Exercise Help Your Oral Health?

How hard do you work to care for your teeth? Do you brush, floss, and visit your dentist as often as you should? Do you use mouthwash and replace your toothbrush every few months? Do you ever wonder there was something else you could do to keep your smile healthy and strong? If you wonder… Read more »

What to do if You Notice You Are Missing a Filling

n many cases, can repair a small to medium sized filling by applying a basic filling. While fillings are meant to restore the full function of the tooth for a long time to come, it is not uncommon to have them fail over the long course of time. Sometimes you can notice a filling is… Read more »

Bad Breath: Causes & Solutions

Do you suffer from bad breath? Are you self-conscious that others will notice? Don’t let your struggles have a negative impact on your social life. There are many causes of bad breath, as well as many solutions. Common Causes: Bacteria – Bad breath is often caused by the bacteria in your mouth. Your mouth allows… Read more »

Do I Have a Cavity or an Abscess?

Our mouths really are incredible places. They are landscapes of marvelous diversity and complexity, and each component works intricately with others to enable us to taste, talk, and more. But the mouth is susceptible to a variety of problems, as well. Two of the most common issues faced by our teeth in particular are cavities… Read more »

Can Smoking Hurt Your Teeth?

You probably know that using tobacco can lead to serious problems like heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer, but do you know what happens to your teeth when you use tobacco products? One of the first things you should know about using tobacco is that it will yellow your teeth. Unfortunately, once this happens there’s… Read more »

What to do about a Fractured Tooth

Your tooth enamel is made up from a microscopic structure of crystallized minerals. While this makes your teeth very strong it does not make them invulnerable to damage. Something like a blow to the face, a bad fall or even just grinding your teeth on a regular basis can sometimes cause a fracture in the… Read more »

Mouthguards a Must for Sports Activities!

Mouthguards can prevent sport-related injuries to your mouth. Impact during these activities can lead to chipped or lost teeth, broken bones, lacerations to the face, and other injuries. Most patients feel that custom-made devices from a dental professional provide the most comfortable fit, better protection from injuries and are more durable. If you are involved in… Read more »